I understand how tough it is to find speakers who don’t speak about themselves, don’t try to resell their products or services at every opportunity, don’t stuff as many words as they can on their slides, understand their audience and can tell a story.

I’m available to speak at your next event to deliver content that will delight your attendees and make you happy, too. I’m based in Ireland and can travel anywhere.

Here are some recent examples:

  • 5 Mind Tricks to Use to Increase Conversions – February 2016:

  • 5 Elements of a Landing Page That Kicks Ass – January 2016:



  • Converting Social Media Traffic into Leads or Customers – February 2016:

  • 6 Steps to Double Your Conversion Rate – January 2016:



What I like to talk about:

  • good marketing / bad marketing
  • how to get more conversions from the same traffic by listening to people (conversion optimisation for humans)
  • self-funding

Where I spoke before:

Where I will speak next:

What people say about my talks: