My thoughts on the potential new character limit for tweets: it doesn’t matter

Twitter is rumoured to consider increasing its character limit to 10,000. I usually don’t comment on this type of news but with the new year I am full of energy.

Here is what is going to happen.

People will debate about whether or not a character limit increase makes sense for Twitter and its users until the feature is actually being released.

A lot of blog posts have been published. Even more will be published. Too many to count (this is one of them).

The debate will reach its peak when the feature is finally live.

Most brands will then jump on the bandwagon, publishing blog posts on the five reasons why the new 10,000 limit can help grow your business.

Others will predict the death of Twitter. “Long live Medium”, they’ll say.

Here’s the thing.

Technology comes and goes. Tools evolve.

Will Twitter commit suicide by releasing this new feature? Will Medium benefit from it? Will users start to like it after all?

It doesn’t matter.

Whatever the outcome, people will adapt. Businesses will adapt. Twitter will adapt.

Darwin didn’t come up with the Theory of Evolution for nothing.

Let’s spend more time on values, strategies and processes. Let’s stop wasting time on trends, tools and hacks. Let’s be agile.

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