Bonjour bonjour, I’m Louis Grenier, a marketer living in Dublin, Ireland (but yeah, I’m French).

  • I’m the husband of the beautiful Jennifer:
See, I wasn’t lying. She looks amazing.
  • I’m the Content Lead at Hotjar and I’ve been working on The Humans Strike Back – a brand-new show about succeeding in business & life by putting people first:

  • I’m the host the no-fluff, actionable marketing podcast called Everyone Hates Marketers. It’s a podcast for people sick of shady, manipulative marketing:

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  • Send me an email: bonjour@louisgrenier.com

What I believe in:

Marketing has always been more than a career or a job for me. I’m kinda obsessed with it.

I love understanding people – what they really think, what they really like, what they really do. I love creating things people love.

I was born in Clermont-Ferrand, France. When I was a little boy, I used to annoy my mom by constantly connecting to the internet on our 56k modem when she was trying to make a call. I was fascinated by the ability to reach an unlimited amount of people within seconds and by the touch of a button.

My fascination never seemed to fade and I still believe today that the Internet is the missing link between our Brain and the Universe. I’m working hard to translate my childhood fascination into a life worth living.

I’m fighting for marketers to practice good marketing. Good marketing is about treating people the way you’d like to be treated.

If you’re a marketer, or did some marketing in the past, you probably had to use some bad marketing tactics to get your boss off your back, to reach your quarter targets, or simply because you felt that everybody else was doing it.

I believe that there’s a better way.

You can reach your quarterly targets and treating people as people. You can increase the traffic on your website without being spammy. You can launch a new product with a simple strategy (and not a series of hacks).